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20 years Miami P.O.S. systems!

Miami cash software will be developed by us in Hannover, Germany, since about 20 years. The long time experience of our software engineers and supporters guarantee that you get cash software meeting your requirements.

Miami was the first PC based touch screen operated P.O.S. system in Germany. In 1994 the first systems were installed and presented on fair's!

Miami point of sale systems are extremely convenient cashes for hospitality, system catering trade and trade. The systems combine complete function range with simplest operation. Thus the training period for waiters or salesmen is particularly short.

The renouncement of article numbers or table numbers reduces the learning expenditure as well as the possible error rate. Articles will be represented in the plain language or pictures, tables graphically  in the bird perspective. 

Miami p.o.s. systems are based on Microsoft Windows. Thus normal commercial PC technology can be used for network and back office. In the net so also very extensive systems can be realized.

Miami p.o.s. systems can be expanded with goods economy, branch administration, various evaluations and statistics. So you will get optimal overview and control about your company.

With Miami it acts over one of the first PC Touch screen operated p.o.s. systems on the German market. Miami was first presented 1994, when within the cash range particularly in Germany still almost exclusively with keyboard cashes one worked. The development never ends in the past years, and this results in extreme high reliability, complete function range, and easy using.

Of course Miami meets all requirements of German financial authorities. Audits in other countries matched all necessary requirements.

Miami cash software is high quality software made in Germany!

General information

There are the high-end versions Miami (for restaurants) and Tampa (for trading companies and fast food restaurants) and the entry solution Gobi available.

Gobi, based on Miami technology, offers the same easy to use functionality as Miami, and it is available in a version for hospitality and trade as well. Gobi is designed to use in smaller objects with reduced demands.

Miami/Tampa are more flexible and expandable by add-on modules, or example inventory management, branch management. The basic functionality of Miami is bigger, you get much more reports than with Gobi.

In case of bigger objects, or in case of requiring intensive reports, or if you own more than one object, Miami is the right choice.

The actual versions of Miami and Tampa requires cash computers with at least 333 MHz processors (recommended 1GHz and above) and at least 256 MB RAM. These must be equipped with Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows Posready or Windows 7. A touch display with at least 800x600 dissolution is recommended.

Miami32 and Tampa32 are modular constructed, and can be extended among other things by the following functions:

In the network operation daily closings and master data management can be accomplished over a common back office computer.

Central execution by conclusions and the master data management can be accomplished by the optional branch administration.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to satisfy you!

We are innovative, but only if it makes sense for our customers!

Miami in foreign countries

Miami will be sold all over the world. Please check if there are some special requirements by financial authorities.

One notice to Miami customers in Mongolia: Our one and only legal Miami distributor in Mongolia is WebMongolia LLC, Mr. H. Chinzorig, Phone 99115240. If other distributors offer Miami in Mongolia it is strictly illegal and not authorized by KasSys GmbH. The Copyright for Miami is owned only by KasSys GmbH, and the right to sell Miami in Mongolia is exclusively given to WebMongolia LLC.

We will be happy about new distributors in other countries which like to import Miami. Just contact us!

Form of contact

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