The Touchscreen p.o.s. system for system catering trade and trade



Tampa32 is the Highend software for POS systems in trading companies and self-service restaurants!


The first version of Tampa was developed in 1994. Thus Tampa belongs within the range of PC touch screen operated cash registers to the pioneers on the German market. Also within the range of the system catering trade and in the trade touch screen systems gained in the meantime ever more significance.

Tampa can be used both on single user systems and in extensive networks. Tampa is available with different hardware.

With Touch screen operated systems as many as desired articles on direct keys can be accommodated. Thus no more article or PLU numbers must be learned, time for training and error rate will be reduced.

Input of a new article key can be accomplished easily and within few seconds in the back office. Straight one in branch enterprises, however also in enterprises with frequently changing articles or bills of fare, is this an inestimable advantage.

The software is at current working in English or German language. The cash workstation uses as far as possible icons, so it is easy to understand by people which don't know the Gnglish language.



Tampa32 offers among other things the following functions:


Extensive article file, developable to the efficient commodity management, unlimited number of articles


Up to 9999 operators


Per article key up to 60 auxiliary options. For example for change of supplement, preparing references of the cook and so on.


Age check: Define the minimum age the customer needs to buy an article (for example alcoholic drinks, videos, tobacco). In this case a special window appears on screen to remind user to check the age of the customer, if he seems to be too young for buying this product.


Daily closing function, automatically time-controlled, in the batch or manually callable


Various reports for the daily closing configurable


Immediate cancellation and additional cancellation after order pressure. Indication of cancellation reasons possible


Decrease reservation with decrease reasons; Expression of decrease vouchers


Discount function over discount sheets with article or group of articles-dependent percentage, or direct input of the discount rate either for entire order or only current position


Parking function for orders: Up to 99 customers can be served at the same time.


Take away function for correct VAT classification. It is adjustable whether with new order as default the full VAT rate (in the house), whether the except house is reserved, or whether the VAT in principle from the item stock one uses (commercial version)


Sales check and billheads individually configurable. Printing alternatively in the fast text mode or in the optically more beautiful grafics mode (with expression possibility of the company logo).


Order printing as well as order cancellation automatically on different printers (dependent on article), e.g. at kitchen, bar and snack kitchen. Up to 15 printers can be assigned to one system.


Training mode


Input of the paying amount either by direct input, or over money buttons. Refund calculation. Several methods of payment per procedure possible.


5 price stages (Happy Hour function), manually or automatically time-steered selectable. In addition action prices automatic steered by date.


Free price input, also with negative prices, configurable


Operator master file, with classification possibility into different access authorization stages


Access authorizations for various functions individually adjustable


Logging of all relevant accounting processes and expirations


Operator report with automatic work time computation.


Extensive statistics module available: Evaluations can be accomplished during arbitrary criteria for choice and arbitrary periods. Turnover frequency (half hour statistics) with graphic evaluation. Several additional reports are available, for example an analyse about a try of cheating of your employees, or a report about visitors and turnover in combination of weather. Export to Excel for several reports.


Reloading possibility of all invoices of the day: Comfortable search of the invoices.


Optional stock management with supplier administration, stocktaking, incoming goods, order management.


Optional customer management. Assign discount- or price levels to your good customers, use customer cards. Every turnover and every visit of your customers will be counted. Customer bonus system, which automatically manages goodies, for instance one free coffee after 10 coffee's which have been paid.


Integrated music player function. Create playlists of MP3-files, depending on daytime and weekday, connect your cash register to an amplifier and play the music which you want to play as background music.


Certified scale interface to connect a price calculating scale direct to the cash


On desire branch administration. Arbitrary cashes can to a branch (or a Outlet, a cost centre etc..) are united. Subsidiaries can be divided in up to 9 levels, i.e. country, region, city, subsidiary, department down to point of sale. Using a drill-down selection you get information about your whole company!


Optional: Serial number management


Racer bum list, article statistics


Annual statistics with turnover diagram


High security also in the line operation. With server loss the cash continues working locally, or optionally on a safety server (usually another cash system).


In combination with a service contract automatic software updates using the internet.


Optional a facture module to print delivery notes or invoices in the back office.

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