The Touchscreen POS system for restaurants or trade stores



Gobi is the cash register solution with simple and secure handling


Gobi, based on Miami technology, is the right solution for owner managed objects, who like to have very easy handling and extremely short training times of there users.

Gobi can be installed as cash register for hospitality or for trading stores.

Tables are arranged grafically in the bird perspective. Items are displayed in plain language. So fore  waiters do not have to learn any table or PLU numbers more. This reduces the training period and the error rate.

The software is at current working in english or german language.



Gobi meets all requirements wanted from cash systems.

Simple touch-screen operation enables the shortest learning curve and minimizes the risk of operation errors. Master data can be maintained in shortest time.

Meaningful reports give you good overview about your company.

Of course Gobi meets all requirements of German financial authorities.

Gobi can be combined with mobile Orderman wireless POS. On request a reservation or a customer management system are available. Of course several Gobi cask can be combined in a network.

Gobi is the right choice if you need a powerful, easy-to-use cash, but no complex additional modules, such as an inventory management or a branch management. The reporting in Miami software is more complex than in Gobi. In this case Miami would be the right choice for you.


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