Hardware for Miami cash systems

Miami can be used on different hardware systems. The processor should have a minimum of 800 MHz, 256 MB main storage as well as a fixed disk with a capacity of at least 2 GB (for stand-alone solutions 20 GB or above). It is recommended to use a display starting with at least 12"size of and a screen resolution of at minimum 800x600.

Depending on the optional modules you use the hardware requirements may differ. Please ask us which hardware will match your affordments.

KasSys recommends Panasonic hardware! Panasonic cash systems have a very long lifetime. Even after end of production cycle of a cash Panasonic guarantees spare parts for several years.

Gobi will be delivered with the Panasonic JS-925WS.

For the hospitality software Miami32 we recommend the reliable and stylish Panasonic JS-960 Stingray Envo or the Panasonic JS-925WS cash register. It is designed to work even under heavy circumstances with an high resolution 15"-touch display with dual backlight. Especially the advanced cooling design with a ducting system which prevents contact between contaminants and the electronics is constructed for a long lifetime.

The requirements of a computer system within the cash range and particularly in the catering trade cannot be compared with those in an office. The dusty condition is here substantially more problematic by the customers' dealings, and can settle by kitchen steams in PC exhausts still better. The result then defective exhausts can be, which lead in the best case "only" to the crash of the cash, in the worst case however expensive hardware defects to cause.

In addition a restaurant is planned not for optimal ergonomics for the cash operator, but on a positive effect for the guest. This leads in many cases to badly readable displays, since scattered light or direct headlight or sun exposure can disturb substantial.

Many conventional PC systems and unfortunately also many PC cashes were up to to these requirements not in the long term.

Miami is delivered according to standard with Panasonic cash systems, because this systems offer the most possible quality to secure a long lifetime.


Operating systems

The Miami32/Tampa32/Gobi versions are designed for Microsoft Windows. The following Windows versions have been tested working together with Miami:

panasonic-logo-neu-2c.jpg (7K)
KasSys is "Certified Panasonic EPOS Preffered Partner"!

Panasonic JS-960 Stingray Envo

The Panasonic JS-960 Stingray Envo is the cash leader of KasSys!  The Panasonic Stingray Envo, a complete new developed system, offers more performance and cost efficiance!

Panasonic JS-960 Stingray Envo is rugged build for all environments. Envo is IP-rated for durability with an aluminium alloy chassis.

The system is available with 12" and 15" LED backlight touchscreen displays. It is available as well with a VESA mount. So you may  install it at a wall on a pole on the counter. In this case it is possible to use the system by the barkeeper behind the counter and the waiters in front of the counter.

The Panasonic Stingray Envo can be equipped with different user key locks. different customer displays and an integrated magnetic card reader.

Multiple interfaces guarantees every using possibilities.

The Panasonic Stingray is optimized for installations in restaurants, trading companies and fast-food restaurants as well.

Download Panasonic Stingray Envo brochure



Panasonic JS-925WS


The Panasonic JS-925WS is a sophisticated construction. It works with a Intel Atom processor and needs no fan. This reduces system failure caused by a defect fan. No dust or oil will be sucked in.

The 15" (optional 12") display is extraordinary bright because of it's dual backlight construction, so you can read it even under problematic conditions.
The durable plastic casing resists dust, dirt and grease build-up.

Optional the system can be equipped with an integrated uninterruptable power supply, a magnetic card reader as well as a two line customer display.

Download Panasonic JS-925 brochure


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